Volume 22, Number 4 June / July 2014


LED Lenser The all-new P5R.2 rechargeable flashlight combines power and portability with the convenience of an easy recharge. The P5R.2’s Floating Charge System offers wall-mounted and on-the-go charging. Just pop the flashlight into the magnetic recharger (no need to mess around with wires or batteries) and store for as long as you like—there’s no battery memory. To recharge on the go, the system comes with a USB cord. With an output of up to 270 lumens and the ability to be recharged up to 1,000 times, it’ll be ready for anything. SRP: $110. (ledlenser.com)



The Full Metal Jacket was conceived to offer versatility and peace of mind to CCW permit holders. Versatility stems from an ability to accommodate cross-draw or strong-sidedraw capabilities for left- or right-handed shooters. Peace of mind stems from the fact that now you can safely grip your concealed firearm without anyone ever knowing—it will simply look like you have your hands in your pockets. Hidden interior zippers allow the user to access the  firearm from across the body, although the jacket must be at least three quarters unzipped to employ this method. The jacket comes with two detachable holsters, and a built-in shoulder harness distributes weight over the shoulder rather than the jacket, to minimize the “sagging” effect of a heavy firearm. The jacket (in black or… [Read More]

Bushnell Outdoors From a camping trip to a backcountry adventure, a pair of new Rubicon lanterns can help illuminate camp with comfortable, practical lighting options. Each lantern is outfitted with a high-quality Cree LED that provides maximum brightness and longer, more efficient battery life. Each lantern also features a regulated circuit, which translates into consistent brightness and less dimming. The A200L Compact Lantern combines portability and light output, emitting up to 200 lumens of light for five hours. With a height of 8.4 inches and a weight of 11.8 ounces, the A200L is compact and offers great utility, with features such as folding legs and an integrated carabineer that makes the lantern easy to hang. Powered by four AA batteries, the lantern has four light modes: high, low, down… [Read More]

Easton Outfitters When mobility is the key element in a hunt, the allpurpose, hydrationcompatible Gamegetter backpack, tailored for run-and-gun turkey hunters as well as spot-and-stalk deer hunters, might be ideal. The pack has six internal and six external pockets. A rollaway rain cover keeps pack and gear dry in wet weather. It also features a removable Tab Light, which helps a hunter locate gear during low-light situations, as well as an adjustable/removable waist belt that can accommodate a 52-inch waist. Other features include a  key-ring hook; doublestitched,reinforced seams; a safety whistle on the chest strap; reflective cords; and oversize zipper pulls for easy access with gloves. Constructed of quiet- brushed, water-resistant material in Realtree Xtra and accented in nylon khaki, the pack has a capacity… [Read More]

The patent-pending Caldwell AR Mag Charger is designed to accept 50 loaded rounds directly from any common 50-round ammo manufacturer box or from aftermarket 50-round plastic storage boxes. Simply align bullet tips and dump ammo into the Mag Charger. Ammo is automatically aligned without your touching a single round. Once it’s filled with ammo, insert any MSR magazine into the Mag Charger just as you would into a rifle.

June 12, 2014- Plano Synergy, an innovative outdoors and wildlife conglomerate with numerous subsidiaries, is seeking a marketing and PR professional in Plano, IL. The organization is an influencer in both the hunting and fishing realms where it is a leading platform in the outdoor products industry. The employee will enjoy the benefits of being part of one of the nation’s largest outdoors and wildlife corporations that maintains great influence within the industry. Furthermore, employment with Plano Synergy will provide the employee with challenging and satisfying work. By joining our marketing team, the employee will have the opportunity to work… [Read More]